Reviewed: Noctua NH-D15S


Interestingly, the single fan NH-D15S is $125, making it $6 more expensive than the dual fan NH-D15 that has a retail price of $119. For the package itself with the accessories and the build quality, this is not unreasonable but the comparison is worth noting.

Final Thoughts

All of the modern day Noctua coolers are quiet and their build quality is second to none. Most system builders could probably get by with a lower grade cooler like the U12S, or even the 92mm series and although these models are very quiet, the NH-U14S and NH-D15 coolers make almost no noise at all. The offset, single fan ‘S’ version of the NH-D15 is perfect for someone like me who wants as silent a PC as I can get whilst running a stable but moderate overclock. I’m not really fussed over a few degrees as long as the CPU isn’t anywhere near its thermal limits. If I change my mind and want to go ‘Mad-Scientist’ later on, the option is always there to buy another NF-A15 and upgrade my NH-D15S to have the cooling capability of an NH-D15.

The NH-D15S replaced the NH-D15 on our test bench due to the offset alone as it gives that extra clearance that we really appreciate when changing graphics cards out.

NH-D15S CPU Cooler

noctua nh d15s 1



Very good thermal performance
Included A-15 fan is extremely quiet
Premium build quality
Great clearance for a dual fin stack cooler
Easy to mount


cross It isn’t cheap

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