Reviewed: Plantronics “The Rig”

Setup Notes

Setting up the various connections for the RIG were relatively straight forward, especially with the setup guide provided in the box – clearly illustrating the various configuration options for the different platforms and audio sources.

The USB and 3.5mm cable attached to the top of the rig connects to your PC for gaming and Headset audio. At the bottom of the rig there are two ports – a 3.5mm for your headset connection and and 2.5mm for those who would like to connect through their XBOX controller.

Performance – Sound

Whilst not having access to an XBOX, I was able to test most of the connections that the rig was designed for.

PC Gaming & Skype

Audio during gaming was good -nice crisp stereo sound with decent bass.

Whilst it can’t compete with other headsets with built in surround sound – The stereo headphones do a good job and is comparable to other stereo gaming headsets in the price bracket

Both headset options- (boom mic and inline mic) were tested with Skype.

I use Skype a lot for work and a had an opportunity to really give the two microphones a good workout.

During my testing the noise cancelling worked relatively well with both mics – however as expected the in-line mic did make me me sound more distant to those on the other end of the line


The Rig, also comes with an RCA splitter  and an optical out that you can use for consoles. I tested the RCA connections  –  which produced pleasing results, but will be looking to invest in an optical cable to maximise the audio quality.

Other Audio Source (Mobile Phone)

I used my Samsung Galaxy Note 2 and Blackberry Z30 to test both listening to music and  taking calls. I tested both devices with the same music – yielding  very similar results. Again the  stereo sound was good, not overly ladened with  a thumping bass.


The real test for the Rig was how well it  performed when it did what it was designed for MIXING.

Mixing between the multiple audio sources was quick, responsive and relatively easy. The dial to mix between a phone call with my wife  and gaming worked very well. The flipping the paddle – I was able to test the PC Mic source (Skype) and Gaming Mix- again  using the dial on the right hand side was a seamless experience.

Audio Settings

As mentioned above the mixer includes three equalizer profiles with the  “seismic” mode that builds up the bass being my favourite for both Gaming and Music.


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