Reviewed: Plantronics “The Rig”

Plantronics recently sent us The Rig headset for review and it’s more than your average set of cans and probably one of the most versatile head sets going around.




Before I start my review – I would like to note that this is the first gaming headset that I have come across that set out to be more than just your “go-to” cans for your gaming pleasure.

It was at the Sydney EB Games expo earlier this year – where I first laid my eyes on these and had my first hand experience with these bad boys. I remember making a comment to my editor then, that we had to get our hands on a pair to review for our readers.

For those who are like me, who lead a busy life and love to game, seeking the ability to better “multi-task” during your intense and focused gaming sessions – it seems that Plantronics may have the answer as they have produced something unique with “The Rig” to address this need.

Plantronics have created a multipurpose, multi platform headset – that allows you to work with with any device/platform of your choosing – MAC, Windows, Android, IOS, XBOX, PlayStation

Like many other typical gaming headsets, the RIG offers a stereo sound headphones and a noise cancelling boom microphone but it also offers so much more!

Firstly, it also includes a discreet inline mic that can be swapped with the traditional boom mic. Secondly and most importantly – The ‘RIG’ comes with a dual channel mixer that allow gamers to seamlessly swap between game, chat, music and phone calls all at the touch of button or blending your audio sources with a touch of the dial all without having to taking your focus off the game at hand.

The ‘Rig’ is definitely not the most premium looking set of headphones (and definitely not as unique as the Level 10M Gaming headset). That being said, the overall construction of the headset is solid enough, but is made primarily from plastic. This does lend itself to being lighter than some of its competitors. The ear cups and and the headband both have been covered with cloth padding which allow this headset to breathe and be soft and cool. And at a guess – the adjustable headband should fit most size heads.


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