Reviewed: Plantronics “The Rig”

The Rig, comes neatly packaged in a premium box. The front panel can be lifted (in place with the help of a small velcro dot ) – to reveal a plastic window with the headphones, boom mic and mixer on display. Premium touches like the fabric tag on the box are nice highlights to add to the quality feel.

I did have a good chuckle – when I saw that Plantronics had put a disclaimer on the box that a phone is not included.

Taking out the packaging from the tray revealed that there were a few more cables packaged under the main tray. Taking out some of the components where a little difficult. I am assuming this was done to ensure they various parts did not move in the packaging.

The undercarriage also reveals a quick start guide/manual. For those who are tech savvy – shouldn’t have any problems following the instructions – but maybe a little challenging for n00bs.

Key Features
  • Mixer connects and mixes mobile phone with game audio
  • Interchangeable gaming boom mic and inline mic
  • Connects to Xbox 360, PC, Mac, PS3, smartphones, and tablets
  • Three EQ profiles: Pure. Intensify. Seismic
  • 40mm speaker drivers
  • Ultra-comfortable ear cushions and headband; lay-flat earpods
  • Skype compatible


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