4K Bliss : BenQ BL3201PT Monitor reviewed


The good news is that this is a truly awesome screen and can be used for both work and play but the down side is that it will set you back about $1299 which is a lot of money for most gamers.

Like all purchasing decisions the choice comes down to priorities. If you do a lot of design work and need the single screen with as many pixels as possible, this is well priced. If gaming is your priority, we’d recommend that you consider the alternatives listed above unless you are a hardcore RTS gamer. Whilst we consider the BL3201PT to be worth every dollar of the asking price, $1299 can also buy a high end GPU and a 144Hz display.

The next round of graphics cards from AMD and NVIDIA may make FPS gaming at 4K more viable but for now, we still think 27″ 2560×1440 is the sweet spot in this regard.


The BL3201PT is exactly what BenQ promised and delivers the best desktop experience we’ve seen to date. The OSD is easy to navigate with the orb remote and the stand tilts, swivels and slides up and down with ease for a comfortable viewing angle. BenQ has covered off general usability with the BL3201PT by allowing you to route cables neatly. 

Colours were life-like without the need to specifically calibrate the display out of the box. The pixel density is perfect for desktop use and the viewing angle is wider than you need.

For gaming, it will depend on the power of your GPU and the genre of games that you play but in our experience, Real Time Strategy games on this monitor are an absolute stand out.

We couldn’t fault the BL3201PT and were blown away by the image quality – if you want or need a UHD panel, this is a safe purchase.


  BenQ BL3201PT
32″ 4K Monitor

11905 resource


Stunning Image Quality
Design focus on functionality and connectivity
Easy setup 
Very stable stand that is easy to adjust


Awards  EditorsChoiceAward 


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