4K Bliss : BenQ BL3201PT Monitor reviewed

For the asking price, we expected a lot of features in addition to a stunning visual experience. 

Ultra High Definition Resolution

At 3840×2160 resolution the BL3201PT offers over 300% working space compared to a 1920×1080 panel. It also offers an impressive pixel density for image quality.


Dual Aspect Ratio, Picture in Picture (PIP) and Picture by Picture (PBP)

Dual aspect allows the user to split the display into what is effectively 2 x 19″ 4:3 displays. This is handy for designers and developers in a productivity environment. PIP and PBP makes it easy to compare images from 2 different workstations/inputs at the same time to save alt tabbing or the need to run multiple physical screens.


Ergonomic stand and viewing angles

The BL3201PT stand is heavy and stable but it glides with ease allowing for height, tilt, pivot and twist. No kidding, we were able to adjust the display using 1 finger on each hand – it was firm but smooth.

There are also a few less obvious features such as Animation mode where brightness is increased in dark areas of the artwork to enhance the detail.


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