Reviewed: Noctua NH-D9L & NH-U9S 92mm coolers


The current street price sees the NH-D9L available for $89 while the NH-U9S will set you back a little more at $99. We were surprised to see that there was a difference in street price and can’t think why they aren’t the same. These coolers aren’t cheap but ‘premium’ rarely is. The offerings are compact 92mm coolers that are extremely versatile in terms of where they will fit. The accessories, ease of installation, build quality and performance to noise ratio will ward off any feelings of buyer’s remorse. 

Final Thoughts

Personally, I absolutely love these coolers and probably lean towards the NH-D9L but I don’t know why. It performs slightly better but I just like the aesthetic look of it over the NH-U9S. The thing that I like the most about these are the options that they give. The versatility means that as reviewers, we can use this cooler on any motherboard without worrying about access to RAM slots, or PCIE release levers. It’s easy to work around the mounted heat sink and access fan headers. All of this versatility and convenience without having to sacrifice the ability to run a hefty overclock.

The build quality and packaging protection is what we have come to expect from Noctua – of the highest standard. 

In what is a fantastic example of enthusiast cooling, it really keeps the CPU socket area nice and clutter free. For a small form factor build, something like this is more convenient than managing hoses and a radiator with an AIO water cooler. 

There’s not much left to say – these coolers are awesome.

NH-D9L 92mm CPU Cooler
NH-U9S 92mm CPU Cooler

noctua nh d9l 1


nh u9s 1


Good thermal performance
Quiet fans
Small Footprint
Low height for a tower cooler
Easy to mount
Good thermal performance
Quiet Fans
100% RAM compatibility with one or two fans fitted
Easy to mount
Small Footprint




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