Reviewed: Logitech 2013 G-Series Gaming mice roundup


The G400s is the cheapest mouse in the review set that we received and although feature packed, its at the lower end of the scale in terms of technology. In addition to the specifications already mentioned, we’ve gone through its features below. In isolation, the G400s is impressive, well featured and nicely package – but when compared with the G500s and G700s, this mouse feels bottom of the pack. The USB cable is not braided, the coating although nice, is not as comfortable as the G500s and if you are going to spend the money on the G400s, we would recommend considering upping your budget by $6 to the G500s. If you are stretching to meet the $59 street price, it’s still pretty good function and gaming ergonomics for the money though. In terms of performance – this mouse is still hard to fault, the sensitivity is fine when dialled in to match your style but remember that it uses an optical sensor, not a laser.

Delta Zero Sensor Technology There is a 4000DPI sensor illuminiated by an LED designed to give high accuracy and control.
Advanced Surface Materials Logitech has engaged infra red technology to identify the areas of the mouse that have the most tactile attention. Based on this, they have added a hydrophobic coating on the palm area and a coating on the main buttons to resist finger prints. The sides also have a different feel and are grippy.
Ultra-durable Build Logitech has tested the mouse to endure 20 million clicks with new mechanical micro switches and also included new polytetraflouoroethylene (yes, apparently it’s a real compound) feet that are rated at 250km. Our G5 from 2007 is still going so any improvement on durability is impressive.
In-game sensitivity switching There are up and down sensitivity buttons to switch DPI modes for sniping, general game play or maybe controlling vehicles.
8 Programmable Buttons You can configure 8 different buttons via the Logitech Gaming Software
Sculpted comfort grip Logitech stuck with the classic shape of the MX518. For a former user of the G5, my hand felt instantly at home in familiar territory with the G400s
1 millisecond report rate Logitech say that this is up to 8 times faster than a standard  USB mouse, we have no real way of measuring it and between the polling rate, DPI settings and everything else – we’ll take their word for it.
Slick feet the mouse glide on the whole range of refreshed g-series mice was pretty smooth – even compared to our older G5 with its 6 years of wear.
Easy to use setup software The software is easy to set up and the game detection makes it easier if you use multiple games for button mapping but due to muscle memory we like to keep the sensitivity settings the same for our games.

Logitech video from youtube


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