Reviewed: Logitech 2013 G-Series Gaming mice roundup

A couple of months ago, Logitech sent us 3 of their gaming mice from the new 2013 ‘G’ series to road test and review. It’s always interesting when a company releases a product line openly calling it a “refresh”. Some people will criticise the company for not making more changes whilst others will be grateful that the change is limited.

g400s-gaming-mouse-imagesg500s-gaming-mouse-images g700s-gaming-mouse-images



Reviewing a refresh is also tricky because you are faced with the decision to either review against the previous product line that is usually pretty similar or treat it as a fresh start and review the product on it’s own merits without comparison to the previous generation.

In this situation, we decided to review the new G-series mice from Logitech on their own merits but we couldn’t resist a few references to the Logitech Gaming peripheral heritage.

There is often talk of the sensor and how many DPI it does – Given that I don’t set my mouse much over 800, I haven’t had an issue with DPI or polling rates for about 6 years. I still have my old Logitech G5 and use it for work/productivity because it’s more comfortable than a standard issue generic office style mouse.

Testing approach

The Logitech software allows you to have more than one gaming device connected so we connected all 3 and sat them near the mouse mat so that I could use different mice at different times and see which one I  went for without really thinking about it. I adjusted the sensitivity via the Logitech Gaming software on each mouse so that they were all as close as I could get to balanced and consistent with my ‘muscle memory’ or whatever neurological mapping process the brain uses to try and give me hand to eye co-ordination.

The applications involved were: General browsing, windows tasks etc Document reviews, article writing and some photo work FPS Gaming like BF3, BF4 Beta, Skyrim, Simulation Gaming with X3 Terran Conflict Strategy Gaming with Civilisation V, Starcraft, Supreme Commander 2 Action Gaming with Diablo III and GTA IV – (Rockstar, hurry up with GTA V for PC already!!)


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