Reviewed: Logitech 2013 G-Series Gaming mice roundup

Logitech Software

The Logitech Gaming Software (LGS) was comprehensive and allowed us to run all 3 mice at the same time as well as our G110 keyboard – it’s a one stop shop for all your Logitech gaming gear. The LGS includes game profiling and makes mapping buttons a snap with drag and drop. Whilst you don’t have to use it for the mice to work, it’s available for download at no extra cost and adds a lot of functionality to the products so if you buy a Logitech Gaming peripheral, make sure you install LGS.

Stand Out Features

  • They grip coating on the G500s and G700s is outstanding – and should cater for the sweatiest gaming hand.
  • The Dual Action Scroll wheel on the G500s and G700s is a clear winner as well – after using it, I would struggle to go back.
  • I was pleased to see that Logitech were able to execute a refresh without losing the previous shape. The 2006 G5 mouse has always felt comfortable to me since the moment I took it out of the box and this shape is part of the product identity in my mind of a Logitech gaming mouse. There is also an element of “if it isn’t broken, don’t try to fix it..”
  • Build quality is still there – with Logitech, we expect it and were not disappointed
  • Logitech were able to maintain 3 levels of build quality and features here with the G400s still being a very capable offering. We do question the $6 price gap between the G400s and G500s in terms of street price – consensus around the office was that this would be a disadvantage to the G400s when it comes to sales figures.

Build Quality

Packaging is common across all of the range in that the mice all come in boxes with a front flap that opens to reveal the mouse in a fitted plastic shell. The benefit of this is that you can feel the contour (to a certain degree) prior to buying it. It also looks cool.

The branding is unmistakable for the series as well – “Winning through Science or something” with the x-ray view of the mice.

Final Thoughts & Conclusion

Overall, the G700s is the most comfortable mouse of all 3 and also the heaviest by default but it feels the most balanced. With all 3 available and plugged in through most of our testing, I gravitated to the G700s more than the others subconsciously. Wireless mice and I have not really been friends prior to the G700s and I was sceptical of it’s responsiveness. It’s fair to say that my bias against using wireless mice for gaming has been given a serious battering to the point where I might even drop $95 on a G700s in a weak moment. My brain still tells me that for $65, the G500s is the pick of the litter.

When it comes to office type applications, the dual mode scroll wheel is fantastic. In free spinning mode, scrolling through web pages, PDF or work documents and long file structures is a breeze and it’s also great when working with Photoshop or doing anything with a zoom function. Switching modes couldn’t be easier.

No doubt about it, Logitech has again provided gamers with 3 solid options in the latest refresh of their gaming mice.

  G400s G500s G700s
   g400s-gaming-mouse-images1  g500s-gaming-mouse-images1  g700s-gaming-mouse-images2


Glides well across a mouse mat or gaming pad
Button placement
Comfortable side ‘Dry Grip’
Dual Mode Scrolling Wheel
Tuning Weights
Braided Cable
Laser sensor
only $6 more than the G400s
Button placement
Battery indicator on the mouse
Comfortable side ‘Dry Grip’
Dual Mode Scrolling Wheel
wireless response time is awesome
Laser sensor
Battery life for gaming and general use was about 3 days
Street price is much lower than the RRP


Optical Sensor doesn’t work as well on different surfaces
Button placement for sensitivity adjustment isn’t as easy to reach
– None going to cable mode for recharge when gaming was initially fiddly
Battery life for gaming and general use was about 3 days (yes it was a Pro as well)
    EditorsChoiceAward HighlyRecommended
Street Price  $59.00  $65.00  $95.00







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