Reviewed: Noctua Redux

Noctua has continued to manufacture and release their previously successful range of fans under the Redux product line and at a sweet price point. Let’s take a look at why Noctua didn’t retire the previous line of fans when they ehanced their top end design.

The previous ‘non NF’ range of fans were considered by most to be about the highest quality fans you could buy for consumer PC building until recently. Now that Noctua has moved forward with frame, blade and bearing technology, a new standard has been set for the ‘Premium’ range.

In what is a great move for the market Noctua has addressed two key areas of forum gripes over the years being “Make it cheaper” and “I don’t like the colours”. The Redux line are more affordable than the Premium range and to avoid confusion with the Premium product line, they are manufactured in 2 shades of grey.

noctua nf s12b redux 5

I queried Noctua on the manufacturing process and price point. The Redux line still has the same level of manufacturing quality as we saw in the original products. Although the colour has changed, the grade of materials is the same as is the quality braiding and motor.

What we are seeing though is a change to the packaging and accessories. In order to keep quality up and price down, Noctua had to make a compromise somewhere and it was on the accessories – the Redux line includes the fan itself and 4 fan screws. No noise adaptors, MOLEX to 3 Pin power connector, no rubber fan mounts, instruction sheet or flashy packet with the detailed features listed. The packaging is quite plain and has the model number, a QR-Code and the specifications of the fan listed. The accessories that have been omitted are typically the items that I have in excess at the bottom of the tool box.

You can still buy some of the accessories separately and they typically retail for $9 per 3-pack. Noctua sell the following adaptors:

  • 3pin ‘Y’ style power splitter (2 pack)
  • 3pin Low Noise Adapter (3 pack)
  • 3pin 30cm Extension cable (3 pack)
  • 3pin to 4pin MOLEX adapter (3 Pack)
  • 4pin PWM Low Noise Adapter (3 pack)
  • 4pin 30cm Extension cable (3 pack)

The Anti Vibration mounts (NA-SAV2) are harder to find online but these are also available in the brown colour if you are looking for a genuine Noctua rubber mounting alternative to the included fan screws.


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