Reviewed: Logitech G910 Orion Spark

We tested the Logitech G910 Orion Spark on our ASUS Maximus VI Gene Test bench via both a direct USB connection and also via our ATEN CS1644 KVM switch and we didn’t have any issues in terms of compatibility at all. We also tested the G910 on a workstation with Windows 7 and also found the compatibility to be fine. 

The Test setup is listed below



  • Much less mis-hits than other keyboards
  • Game detection and separate lighting profiles worked every time
  • Backlighting is very effective – the font is easy to read, easy to customise and you can also turn it off via a brightness switch on the keyboard itself without going into the software.
  • Key caps are great and gaming feels more natural than other keyboards
  • Left G-Keys are out of the way but still easy to reach, the top G keys (6-9) are harder to hit
  • ARX dock is a convenient place to rest your phone and the ARX Control app is pretty handy to monitor system temperatures
  • Whilst both palm rests were good I preferred the larger one. 
  • Game mode lights up when active and it’s an easy press button rather than a slider switch as we have seen previously.
  • The Media controls are all in the top right corner and are always blue unless the keyboard is totally dark
  • I used the G910 with the rear feet deployed/down so I had more tilt on the keyboard and the angle felt comfortable
  • The software – it’s great that the same Gaming Application can control my G430 headset, my (6 year old) G5 mouse and the Logitech G910 Orion Spark. There is investment required in customising the lighting to the commands to the keys and if you have custom key bindings in your game, then there is a little more work to do in the Logitech software. That said, I only use a few games with custom lighting and the rest of the time, the default lighting is fine.
  • The feel of the keys is the best of any mechanical keyboard I’ve tried to date. I have a preference for Cherry MX Brown keys and felt that the Romer-G keys used in the G910 Orion Spark are probably the closest. They are very responsive, actuating nice and early in the key-press but the thing that I was most pleasantly surprised about was the noise – or rather, the lack of it. The G910 is without a doubt, the most quiet mechanical keyboard I’ve ever seen. It still makes more noise than my much older non-mechanical Logitech G110 gaming keyboard but only just. This is a good result for Logitech and I’d agree that making their own key switches was a good move for gamers. Hopefully it turns out to be a profitable one so we see these switches on more keyboards from Logitech moving forward.
  • In terms of actuation, I noticed the more sensitive actuation in gaming but more so when typing in general on the keyboard for work related tasks. I find that I’m actually typing more softly as time goes on. They shape of the key caps are also encouraging me to keep my fingers in a traditional ‘touch typist stance’ when typing but I’m still using the ‘WASD  stance’ when gaming.


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