Reviewed: Fractal Design Define R5

The Define R5 is the fifth iteration of what we consider to be the signature case from Fractal Design. In our opinion, the Define R5 is the best ATX case from Fractal Design to date and suitable for any situation from a home server to a heavy duty gaming rig. Read on to see why we are so taken by the latest member of the Define ‘family…

DefineR5black 8-thumb

The designers took an ambitious approach with the Define R5 in that they accommodated an increased airflow and cooling whilst still staying loyal to the Define heritage of low acoustics. The good news for consumers is that Fractal Design also took an ambitious view when setting the goals for this case. They wanted it to be:

  • Simple and Elegant in design
  • Highly configurable in terms of user add-ons for the system builders
  • Affordable and competitively priced
  • Quiet
  • Consistent in attention to detail.

We received our review sample a few weeks prior to launch so we had enough time to really get to know the Define R5 using it in a practical/test build for gaming and some load testing. Our review unit is the black version with solid side panel (i.e no window). The Define PC chassis is recognisable by its low key appearance rather than trademark bling and known for it’s low noise profile. The older Define R3 case was indeed unassuming in appearance and also very quiet but cooling options were limited – The R5 has a remarkable compatibility list when it comes to both radiators, fans, graphics cards and hard drive/SSD placement.

The gallery below are the promotional shots from Fractal Design, ours will follow later as we walk through the Define R5.

Images courtesy of Fractal Design


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