Reviewed: Fractal Design Node 804


The street price for the Fractal Design Node 804 is $169 which places it at the more expensive end of Micro ATX cases. After using the Node 804 for a few weeks and doing a complete system build in it, I think the price reflects the build quality, configuration options and aesthetics. This case is a keeper.

Final Thoughts

The side loading optical slot is there if you need it, the slim line optical drives are more expensive than the 5.25″. Personally I don’t use internal optical drives and was pleased to see that the slot is so subtle on the side edge of the front panel that it’s hardly visible. 

Whilst the test build was a gaming rig, the strength of the Node 804 is that you could re-purpose it depending on your circumstances. A Node 804 gaming rig could easily be relegated to home server or HTPC once it’s a few generations old without needing to update the case. 

If it was just over 1cm narrower, it would fit in an Ikea Expedit unit that many people use in offices, lounge rooms, studies and bedrooms – not a deal breaker but something to note. 

The whole package is spot on:

  • The fans are quiet yet effective,
  • Access to the chambers is easy due to the removable panels,
  • Extensive configurations for cooling, storage and cabling
  • Easy to clean fan filters everywhere it counts

The only thing I’d really like to see done differently in the future is a white version as per the Node 304.

  Fractal Design Node 804 M-ATX Case


Highly configurable design
Very quiet and effective at low fan speed
Front, side and top panels all come off quickly for easy access when building
Great for High End Gaming, Steam Box, HTPC, File Server, or workstation use
Very subtle design aesthetics – the Node 804 can go almost anywhere
Plenty of room for cables out of sight behind the motherboard tray
Solid build quality


– None
Awards EditorsChoiceAward







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