Logitech G110 Gaming Keyboard Reviewed


Evolved from the older G11 and G15 keyboards – this is the equivalent of the G11 as it doesn’t have the LCD screen but it does have a smaller footprint than its ancestors which is a nice change. The G15v1 had what felt like a massive footprint. Although the G110 has 6 less macro ‘G’ keys, I’ve never known anyone to need more than 12 (or at least admit to it.)

For the LAN gamer, this backlit beauty of smaller proportion is worth considering as it isn’t expensive, can take it’s fair share of punishment, and is more likely to fit in a LAN bag and on a shared LAN desk space



  • USB 2.0 port – improvement from the older USB 1.0 port on the original blue backlit G15
  • USB sound device with mute buttons for headphone and mic ports
  • Media buttons and volume barrel – becoming standard on a lot of keyboards now but welcome just the same
  • 12 programmable macro buttons with 3 modes available making it 36 programmable options.
  • Window key disabling switch can disable the ‘widows’ buttons along the bottom of the keyboard because seriously, who needs them when you’re gaming?
  • Blue red and anything in between backlight. Red seems easier to see but they both look good, the purple/in between colour isn’t so awesome though
  • Macro software for profiles
  • Palm rest – tried it with and without, found the keyboard much more comfortable with the palm rest so it stayed.
  • USB cable to the PC is not braided


Gaming/Desktop Mode Switch

This switch disables the windows keys. We found this to be extremely handy when playing The Elder Scrolls IV ; Oblivion as this particular title doesn’t like it when you switch out of the game to the desktop. This feature isn’t unique to the G110 or G510 but it has been around since the older G11 and G15 boards and certainly a great feature to be retained.


USB Port

The USB port was sufficient to:

  • Read USB keys
  • Charge a mobile phone
  • Plug a G5 mouse into and have no noticeable difference to a back panel port


The USB port would not drive a portable hard drive like the WD passport drive which leads us to suspect that other devices needing more than basic amperage will find this port wanting. That said, front panel USB ports are basically standard now on almost all cases so it’s not a big deal. It was nice to have the G5 mouse piggy backing off the keyboard and this could be handy at a LAN event.


USB Audio

Skype chat through the USB audio was clear and we couldn’t fault it. The in game audio of titles like BF BC2, Oblivion, Skyrim and BF3 were also on par with onboard sound in our opinion. The implementation of jack sensing technology here means that if you don’t have anything plugged in to these ports, then Windows will use the default sound devices so you won’t be diving in and out of your windows volume mixer every time you want to use the ports on the keyboard.


General typing is very comfortable and we find it more comfortable than the average keyboard for long term use in a non gaming environment – like study, office work and writing reviews 😉

To date, we haven’t noticed any limitations in gaming relating to ghosting or pressing multiple keys.


I’ve pounded on this thing for over a year, almost daily usage including:

  • Office level typing
  • FPS shooters (using the WASD, L SHIFT, Spacebar)
  • Other games like RTS where the keyboard shortcuts are handy


  • Basically no signs of wear beyond the typical smudges of fingerprints on the plastic housing
  • The letters are all still as visible as the day it came out of the box, no chipping of the finish
  • No squeaky keys
  • All keys work like new, so sticky or ultra sensitive keys
  • Lighting is still fine

I’d hoped that this would wear out so that I could justify buying the G510 but alas the trusty G110 has proven itself to be a very durable piece of kit.

The Verdict


  • Price – it’s great for $75
  • Durable and reliable
  • Comfortable to type on
  • Macro keys are easy to use and the macro record button means that you can record macros without using the software
  • USB Audio is convenient and capable


  • SB 2.0 device isn’t great for powered devices like passport drives or other USB devices that draw power.
  • The backlight colours being red or blue and by combining them, various shades of purple. It would have been nice to see more options here (like green or white) but that would have added to the price.
  • The cable management channels on the base of the keyboard may as well not be there.
  • If you don’t want/need a keyboard with an LCD and like either red or blue backlight, then it should be on your short list. There is always a “but” and here it is… for an extra $10, the G510 has the same features with the exception of the USB 2.0 port (We do wonder why this was excluded from the next model up)
  • 6 additional ‘G’ keys
  • more backlight colours.


Your chance of buyers remorse are ‘low’ with this so we give it a Gold award for reliability, honesty and value.


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