Reviewed: FUNC KB-460 Mechanical Gaming Keyboard & MS-3 Mouse

The Func KB-460 is a solid entry into the mechanical keyboard market from a company that seemed to come out of nowhere. The M3-2 mouse is it’s perfect partner in crime. Read on to see why we’re so taken by the newcomer to gaming peripherals.

In a market where we are seeing more companies releasing mechanical keyboards, we are getting spoilt for choice. Today, making that choice to drop $120+ on a new enthusiast level mechanical keyboard has never been harder with a solid range of keyboards in different aesthetic designs and then with different tactile switches implemented.

kb460-ms3In October 2014, we received our first ever Func products for review, the KB-460 mechanical keyboard and the M3 (revision 2) gaming mouse. I’d seen the Func products listed on some e-tailer sites but never seen them in person until PAX Melbourne. I had also noted that Func only had a limited product line-up with one keyboard, 2 mice, 2 mouse pads and a gaming headset. We should have paid more attention earlier in the year. The line-up of 6 products may seem limited or small but we’d much rather see a manufacturer release 6 good products than a large number of ‘average’ ones. Whilst we can’t vouch for the other products in the Func range, the KB-460 and MS-32 are solid contenders and tick the boxes when it comes to Gaming peripherals

tickbox Ergonomics & Comfort
tickbox Functionality & Useability
tickbox Build Quality & Durability
tickbox Aesthetics

Whilst these are two separately available products we did review them together on our test bench as a gaming desktop, installing the optional software for both peripherals. As a pair, they match really well in both look and feel with the same rubber coating, orange and black braided cables, lighting effects and low key (almost invisible) branding. When using these peripherals on my 900mm wide black Mionix SARGAS 900 deskpad, the black housing almost disappeared and the lighting really ‘popped’ making the desktop very stealthy in appearance.

Both products have some really neat features that I’ll cover off in the next section.


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