3 STM iPhone Cases Reviewed

Late last year, STM Bags sent us 3 of their iPhone 5/5s cases to test out. After using the STM Harbour, Catch and Grip iPhone cases for a month each, we compared them as a ‘range’ and found that there should be something to suit everyone.

Looking around, it seems that most people use some form of cover/case to protect their iPhone which makes sense because:

  • an iPhone isn’t exactly cheap
  • the average plan is for 2 years so you want the phone to least at least as long as you have to pay it off
  • many people become very dependent on a relatively fragile device that has 50% of its surface area made of glass

STM Harbour STM Catch STM Grip 

Covers and cases are a personal preference where aesthetics, practical size and a balance of bulk vs protection will impact on what people look for. STM provided us with 3 cases that each suit different points of the preference scale, price range and level of compromise.

  • The minimalist STM Grip offers the least bulk and protection but as its name states, it makes the phone much easier to hold
  • The Catch is slightly bigger and offers more extensive protection but can hold 2 credit card (or similar) which makes it more practical
  • The Harbour allows you to protect your phone but the bottom of the case folds back to make docking it easy without having to remove the whole case


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