X Rebirth : Space Sim Fans Rejoice!

It’s almost here…

The Egosoft ‘X’ series has long been a happy place for gamers to lose themselves for hours, days – months? The most recent evolution was the X3, X3 Terran Conflict and X3 Albion Prelude titles. The thing about this dynasty of space simulation wasn’t that it was the perfect game straight out of the box but rather that it was a great game and a solid framework for mods and non-linear game play.

Check out the videos at the bottom to understand what the hype is all about.

X Rebirth takes place after the Albion Prelude and the universe has undergone a cataclysmic change. There have been many changes to the game mechanics from what we can see, including but not limited to:

  • Being limited to one ship
  • Cockpits without the need to mod the game
  • Having crew and being able to walk around the ship and space cities
  • Improved graphics engine
  • A new method of fast travel
  • A revised combat model
  • More detailed capital ships with the ability to see and target specific parts of the ship like turrets to better plan and execute your battles
  • User interface that will be easier for gamers to navigate than previous titles


You can still engage in space combat, trade goods and explore the universe but it appears not in exactly the same way as before. This doesn’t look like a re-skin of a previously successful formula but more of an evolution of a great concept.

In the past, we have been really impressed (from a software engineering perspective) with the X universe, the AI and general elements of the game such as complex economies, diplomacy, ship/weapon balancing and the willingness of the developer to encourage modding. The scale of the universe in X3:Terran conflict is truly amazing and it’s still worth buying the older titles via steam if you like space sims and don’t have it in your collection.

We are eagerly awaiting X Rebirth and hoping that it lives up to the hype – if the trailers below are anything to go by, this game promises to be a lot of fun. If the latest title has the same modding community support as the previous titles, then it can expect a long life cycle.

X Rebirth is due for release on the 15th of November and can be pre-purchased on Steam here

Check out the Egosoft X Rebirth page for more.

See the first official trailer below

One of the Egosoft guys walks through the controls in the video below

Video explaining of the scale and detail of X Rebirth


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