DXRacer PS200 Racing Seat Combo Review

DXRacer is a name synonymous with gamers for popularising the ‘racing seat’ trend, we can’t wait to put the pedal to the metal with their new PS 200 Racing Seat Combo.

DXRacer PS200 Racing Seat Combo


DXRacer is a name synonymous with gamers for popularising the ‘racing seat’ trend which has gone on to sweep across dozens of brands in recent times. As such, they are among the most iconic brands in gaming chairs – with a pedigree in actual racing seats prior to their move to racing-style gaming chairs in 2006 – and we can’t wait to put the pedal to the metal with their new PS 200 Racing Seat Combo.

Racing simulators have come a long, long way in the past 20+ years. The first game I ever played on a PC was Indianapolis 500 back about 1990. The first game I ever played on a Playstation was Gran Turismo. I raced out and bought a PS1 the very next day. At the time, these and many of their ilk were cutting edge examples of computing power that truly blew people’s minds. But today, we surround ourselves with triple-screen displays, force-feedback steering wheels and even VR headsets for the most immersive experience possible. That immersion, though, truly starts with a racing cockpit to park our behinds in and DXRacer have done a great job of providing an affordable, quality solution.


  • Patented folding, modular design for quick assembly and storage
    • 5 adjustable angles for steering wheel platform
    • Height adjustable steering wheel platform (up to 30cm)
    • Full steel frame
  • Fully adjustable racing seat
    • Black/red vinyl
    • Full recline up to 180°
    • Adjustable slider for forward/back
    • Height adjustable up to 10cm via levers
  • Compatible with major brand wheel and pedal systems
  • 2 gearshift mounts included for right or left handed use
  • Cable management


Neither the DXRacer website nor the packaging/manual were clear about the recommended height or weight restrictions of the product. It would not be appropriate to guess, but I am over 190cm and 95kg and even I had to actually move the chair slightly closer to the wheel, so there’s plenty of room for larger humans.

When assembled the unit clocks in at 140cm in length x 55cm wide x 88cm tall, owing to the seat-back protruding upwards. It is billed as a “Patented folding design for convenient storage” but, if we’re honest, even when disassembled you’re going to need a closet or garage to stash this as it won’t just slide under your bed.

Unboxing & Assembly

Our first impression is that this thing is heavy! It ships in 3 boxes (!) with the weight of the all-steel frame immediately noticeable. The modular design came together in about half an hour, first assembling the front steering-wheel-mount section, selecting the desired angle, then affixing the chair to the rear section, before bringing both together. The instructions were helpful in an Ikea kind of way, saying just enough without really saying that much. 


Fit with Wheel/Pedals

We paired the DXRacer PS200 Racing Seat Combo with a Logitech G920 Driving Force racing wheel which includes the wheel, pedals and a gear shift lever. Attaching the pedal box proved more difficult than expected due to the sheer weight of the cockpit’s front end. Flipping the unit over, or at least on its side, helped, and eventually all three Logitech components were tightly affixed. It might have made sense for the instructions to point out attaching these prior to completing the cockpit assembly. To be fair, though, once everything was fitted the weight served to keep everything firmly in place during hectic racing sessions.

Build Quality

I would describe the overall feel as ‘industrial’ which is in-line with DXRacer’s gaming chairs. They are rugged, big and strong and the PS200 Racing Seat Combo is no exception. To use an automotive analogy, this is more a true racing product than a luxury item: a race car has no aircon or radio; it’s noisy and has hard suspension – as racing fans, that is what we love about the spectacle. This is more Mustang than Volvo; more go-kart than lounge chair.

The unit is ultra-adjustable – seat height, recline and ‘legroom’ are all easily adjusted, whereas up front the wheel-platform height and angle can be modified, though not with the same ease as seat adjustments. We found that it was these latter adjustments which needed some fiddling to find the right fit and feel and particularly the angle adjustment required a nut and bolt to be relocated, ruling out ‘on-the’-fly’ changes if you wanted to swap between players at a party or function. This won’t bother most gamers who will likely be the sole occupant of the setup for a majority of the time, and once we found the most ‘ergonomic’ fit it wasn’t a problem. A couple of very minor pros and cons: the rubber feet which attach to the underside of the frame are not the best quality, but including branded velcro cable ties is a nice touch!

Play Testing

To properly test the DXRacer PS200 Racing Seat Combo we needed some serious time with a serious racing sim and the good people at Kunoz Simulazioni were kind enough to provide a copy of Assetto Corsa along with some of the latest DLC. Whether touring Monza in a Ferrari F1 or revving your way around Laguna Seca in a late-model Mustang, Assetto Corsa provides an elite racing experience and the ideal match for our hardware test.

This review is more subjective than most that we do at PCTR, in that there are no temps or transfer speeds to measure, just the feel of immersion when your mind begins to believe that your body is sitting in a race car without ever leaving your house. The sensation of sitting in a ‘real’ racing seat, with a force feedback steering wheel and manual gear shift lever (and/or ‘flappy paddles’) adds a heightened realism that is more than just a step above playing at a desk or couch, it’s a whole other category.
So as not to stray too far from the subject of today’s review we will be writing a follow-up article about VR racing, but let me just say that running Assetto Corsa with the PCTR Oculus Rift was really something else. If you’re a fan of racing sims and haven’t yet experienced racing in a ‘cockpit’ racing seat combo, you owe it to yourself to try it out. If you’re a fan of racing sims and you haven’t yet experienced racing in VR, you absolutely owe it to yourself to try it out.


Value for Money

At just under $400 via a handful of Aussie resellers currently stocking the DXRacer PS200 Racing Seat Combo, the unit is not cheap, but when compared to a number of alternative ‘cockpit’ products it actually stacks up incredibly well. It comes in 50% cheaper than the Playseat Evolution, which at that price does not even include sliding seat adjustment. Comparing apples with apples, Playseat offer the Challenge at a competing price point – a more portable product which might appeal to some users – but it isn’t quite in the same rugged category as the PS200. For my money, at $400 the DXRacer PS200 Racing Seat Combo represents great value.

Final Word

The DXRacer PS200 Racing Seat Combo isn’t quite perfect – it is heavy, industrial and just a little rough around the edges from a quality standpoint, but much of that adds to the racing feel of the product. Most casual-to-hardcore gamers who enjoy racing sims and have enough space should consider adding this to their setup – the chair can always be used for regular gaming, and it won’t discriminate between PC or console gaming! Racing fanatics who have been putting off purchasing a cockpit might just find that the price is right to take the plunge and enjoy their gaming immersion like never before.

  DXRacer PS200 Racing Seat Combo


Quick, easy assembly
Incredibly adjustable, just like a real seat
Durable yet comfortable construction
Excellent value for money


– Not quite as portable/stowable as advertised



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