Reviewed: MSI Interceptor DS300 Gaming Mouse


Recommended Retail Price is set at $79 which is about what we’d expect compared to the RRP of it’s competition. The real test will be the street price once they become more available. With the market so congested with gaming peripherals, even good products can find it hard to make their mark and MSI probably need to take a bit of a hit on the price to establish themselves in the gaming community as a serious peripheral player. Once enough people get their hands on the MSI Interceptor DS300 at LAN events, through friends etc, this mouse should get the respect it deserves.


The MSI DS300 was much better than I was expecting. It’s a legitimate gaming mouse and packs all the technology that PC gamers need. This is an outstanding entry into the gaming-grade peripheral space. There is room for improvement and in a future version I’d like to see the DPI switch replaced with something that allows increase/decrease DPI. The other thing that MSI may want to consider is a more ‘aesthetic agnostic ‘ colour scheme by replacing the red with either white (aligning with their Krait or Armour lines) or perhaps a carbon fibre texture like their carbon line of motherboards. The RGB lighting provides a fully customisable way for gamers to blend the DS300 into their desktop setup.

Comfort and responsiveness are the two key factors of a gaming mouse as far as I’m concerned. The DS300 provides a genuine solution to both of these elements by way of a well-placed and perfectly textured grip paired with a gaming grade laser. The software ensured that the DPI settings could be configured exactly as I wanted them with minimal effort.

MSI is competing against other established vendors like Logitech, Corsair and Razer who have mice, keyboards, headsets and mouse mats/desk pads with mature software and a long standing user base. The DS300 is a good product and it will be interesting to see if MSI expands the range and how the gaming community reacts. We have now added the MSI Interceptor DS300 to our AMD Test Bench as a dedicated peripheral.

  MSI Interceptor DS300 Gaming Mouse

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Very comfortable 
Solid switches 
Very even and clear RGB logo LED
Intuitive and stable management software
Nice braided connector, good build quality


cross DPI adjustment is a 4 step cycle, not up or down
cross Red plastic highlights that may clash with other colours
Awards  HighlyRecommended


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