Reviewed: Noctua IndustrialPPC


This level of engineering doesn’t come cheap and the fans vary in price from $36 – $42 depending on the model you are after. The price seems about right but it’s hard to put a value on a dust and waterproof fan.

The thing I liked is the versatility and keeping your options open will usually come at a price. It’s also worth remembering that these are specialist industrial fans.

noctua nf f12 industrialPPC 2000 ip67 pwm


I was really surprised to see the level of innovation with the Industrial PPC range. Noctua kept all the design features that made the NF-F12 and NF-A14 premium fans awesome but changed the motor, strengthened the construction materials, and then made them either dust/water resistant or dust/water proof.

If these were available a few years ago, I’d have bought some out of my own pocket for my employer’s small server/comms cabinet in the room next to my old office – those fans were so loud it almost did my head in.

Whilst I was struggling to see why the average PC Gamer might go for these over the Premium or Redux ranges, Australia has some really dusty and humid locations. These fans in a consumer PC setting (as opposed to the industrial applications that they were designed for) would be well suited to a board like the TUF series from ASUS that has thermal armour with dust covers and a high humidity rating. Another urban scenario could be for a PC or small home server in your shed or garage, in which case these might be worth a look.

They are black, have a great range of low RPM to high RPM and although they can get loud at full tilt, at the lower RPM, these are quiet and still effective with a stealthy look about them.

Award time was tricky with the iPPC series because the Value and Silence awards are off the table. I’d also go with the Premium fans for a typical build and I don’t live in an extremely dusty or wet environment that would justify such beastly fans. Whilst they don’t get any awards in this review (and we did consider creating an “Extreme Tech” award), the iPPC range is a seriously well engineered product.


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