On the Bench

We’ve got a fair bit coming up in the next month so we thought we’d share what’s on the bench at the moment.

It’s been “Game-on” in the lab but sadly not real actual ‘gaming’ other than benchmarking – we’ve had an influx of kit and whilst most of it has been really good, some items have been outstanding. That’s not where it ends, we are also preparing some showcase rigs for a local LAN event as well..

Respawn LAN is on for 28th March but tickets are limited so if you want to go, best register in the next 5 mins. We will be showcasing 3 builds at the event in conjunction with Cooler Master , MSI, BenQ, Adata, Kingston and Anyware. Our premium rig will be an X99/LGA 2011-3 setup in a Cooler Master Cosmos SE – keep an eye out for the build log.. I don’t want to say much about the others at this stage but if things go to plan, one of them could be pretty unique.

At the same time, the test bench has been flat out – we’ve just finished the bench testing of our MSI X99S Gaming 7 motherboard and while we were at it, we also tested some DDR4 from and an M.2 SSD from Kingston. Reviews are in progress and will be up soon.

The X99S components have been moved into the Cosmos SE for Respawn and to make way for our next test subject form AMD. Enter the AMD FX-8320E CPU running on an MSI 970 Gaming motherboard with an ASUS R9 285 STRIX graphics card. We can’t wait to see how this stacks up against the ‘standard’ ASUS Maximus VI Gene test bench which is rocking an i5-4670K.

Gelatiman is also running a set of Cooler Master peripherals through their paces in some real world gaming testing. 

The new Noctua 92mm U9S and D9L CPU cooler reviews are also coming up soon – for compact cases, these could be just what you’ve been waiting for.

Our next review will be in familiar territory as we deliver the final instalment of our Noctua Fans round up, the Noctua Industrial PPC fans. See what happens when Noctua focus on performance and durability without being too concerned about noise.

It’s all happening in March 2015.


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