Reviewed: Deep Cool Gabriel CPU Cooler

Model Specifications

Socket Compatibility


Intel Socket

Core i7/i5/i3
Pentium/Pentium G

AMD Socket

FX X8/X6/X4
Phenom II X4/X3/X2
Phenom X4/X3
Athlon II X4/X3/X2
Athlon X2
Athlon/Athlon FX
Business Class

Height (without fan) 40mm
Width (without fan) 120mm
Depth (without fan) 118mm
Height (with fan) 60mm
Width (with fan) 120mm
Depth (with fan) 120mm
Net Weight 426g
Material Copper (base and 4x6mm heat-pipes), aluminium (cooling fins)

Fan Specifications

Model Not listed
Fan Dimension 120x120x20mm
Bearing Hydro Bearing
Max. Rotational   Speed (+/- 10%) 1800±10% RPM
Min. Rotational   Speed (PWM) 900±150 RPM
Max. Airflow 61.93 CFM
Acoustical Noise 18.2~32.4dB(A)
Input Power 2.52 W
Voltage Range 10.8~13.2VDC (Rated voltage: 12 V)
Starting Voltage 7VDC
Rated Current : 0.21±10%A(MAX)

 Build Quality

The build quality of the Gabriel is ok but not great. The fan clips are flimsy but they do hold the 120x120x20mm fan in place. The mounting is via 4 screws and no backplate – whilst easy to do, the fit felt a little lax and I saw some evidence of poor connectivity with the CPU heat spreader to the point where I used a bit more thermal paste than usual get better heat transfer. On the positive side, the manual is easy to follow and the main unit and fan didn’t feel fragile. The previously reviewed Lucifer by comparison felt like it was of better build quality than the Gabriel even though it’s from the same Gamer Storm Line up.

Overall, I’d say that the build quality is “ok” and certainly not “premium”.


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