Tt eSports Level 10M Gaming Headset Reviewed

In terms of comfort, I found the Level 10 M headset comfortable for long periods of time (4-6 hours). Both the Level 10 M headset and the Gamecom 780 feel very different to each other and although the 780 has wider/square ear cups and less contact with my ears, the Level 10 M headset provided better external noise isolation and what felt like crisper sound. To be fair to the USB Gamecom 780, the clearer sound on the Level 10 M headset could also have been due to the source but the difference in noise isolation was certainly because of the headset design and better on the Level 10 M.

The sensitivity of the microphone seemed to pick up ambient sounds like keyboard clicks but it wasn’t a major distraction.

As an all-rounder, the Level 10 M Gaming Headset is a good option. If you are into music and not all that fussed about gaming, I’d be looking elsewhere and spending more. I game, watch the occasional movie and regularly have music on when working  – for my purposes, the sound quality is a good balance and the comfort is on the money.

The price is expected to be $159 but there is a bundle at PC Case Gear at the time of publishing that will secure a Level 10 M Gaming Headset and a Level 10 M Black Gaming mouse for $199. The mouse retails for $99 on it’s own and if you like the shape of the Level 10M gaming mice then this deal would be quite the bargain.

When stand alone retail stock is readily available, this is a product to watch and perhaps pencil in on your Christmas List.

Competition Note! – Thanks to Chris Smith from Tt eSPORTS, we will be running a competition immediatley after Christmas to give our review sample away. More details will follow but we are looking to bring some Christmas cheer to one lucky person who got ‘Grinched’ with a bad Christmas gift over the festive season. Watch this space!

  Level 10 M Gaming Headset
   1280 Level10 48


Light & Comfortable 
Good all-rounder for Gaming, movies and casual/everyday music
Solid build quality and cable braiding
Comes with a tablet/smartphone cable
Can be connected up via the left or right ear-cup
Good external noise isolation


Not cheap
Stand alone retail stock is hard to come by at the moment
Recommended Retail Price  $159.00
















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