PC Games : 10 signs that you play too many

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At over 500GB, my Steam and Origin libraries are getting pretty big but its not my fault… honestly I blame Steam for their big sales.

My family think I have some form of OCD that prevents me from letting a steam sale pass without snagging a bargain. The urge to expand the collection by even just one more title for only a few bucks is hard to resist – even when I know it’s unlikely to get played any time soon. Uninstalling games is basically unthinkable – I might want to play it next week after all..

With the above first world problem of “Too many games and not enough time to play them” affecting many, the crew here went through an exercise to list out 10 signs that you play too many PC Games. The list got a little out of hand during the process but we managed to pluck out 10 and then stuck out a few more ‘contenders’ on the end for good measure.

Here we go..

  1. You instinctively try to access your online banking using your Steam, Origin or Battlenet account name and password
  2. When filling out forms, you look for a space to record your clan, squad, guild etc..  
  3. You accuse people waiting for a car park of ‘camping’  
  4. You re-use pickup lines from GTA in real life – like “Did you just fart? ‘coz you blew me away..”
  5. You look for the “skip cutscene” button during difficult conversations
  6. That 1TB of hard drive storage doesn’t cut the mustard anymore but you can’t uninstall any games because you ‘still might want to play it again one day’
  7. You know your entire in-game inventory in Skyrim, STALKER, Diablo III AND DayZ but can’t find your phone or keys when you need to leave the house
  8. You can’t decide what’s worse, someone hacking your WoW account or sideswiping your car.
  9. You identify any learner driver on the road as a ‘n00b’
  10. You begrudgingly spend your pay packet on food and shelter only because a dialogue didn’t pop up with a smorgasbord of weapons and upgrades

There were a few sure signs that we thought were unlucky to miss out on the top ten so we’ve listed them here:

  • You can’t walk within 100 metres of an EB Games Store without going in for a bargain and you have the Steam sales periods committed to memory
  • It upsets you that people don’t ‘strafe’ to get out of your way
  • You update your will to include items from your inventory collected in your favourite games
  • The W A S D keys on your keyboard wear out first

If you find that you don’t exhibit any of the above signs, you can probably feel safe in that you don’t play too many PC Games. Should you relate to half of the above, you might want to watch how many titles you play. If you’re guilty of relating to most or all of the above it might be time to wind things back a bit.

On the flip side, there are movie buffs/collectors that have watched thousands of films with the ability to quote lines as well as listing actors and directors from memory. This obsession with movies seems more socially acceptable than PC Gaming – but is it really all that different?


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