Logitech G710+ Mechanical Gaming Keyboard Reviewed


When looking at the price of the G710+, I need to highlight a few points for context. Mechanical keyboards tend to start at around $89 for a basic layout and top out around the $200 price point. Mechanical keyboards with either Macro keys or back-light start to become available once your budget hits $120, and if you want both macro keys and back-light then you will be looking to spend $150 or more regardless of the brand. Warranties, build quality, aesthetics, tactile response, etc can vary a lot between manufacturers – in light of the features and selling points of competing products, we think that the G710+ is reasonably priced at $179 in some online stores ($20 less than the RRP of $199).

At $179 online, this keyboard isn’t a cheap peripheral but it does have a 3 year limited warranty and pre-fitted o-rings to dampen the noise. When you consider that a set of o-rings for a mechanical keyboard can cost $22 plus postage, the price starts to look a little better. With all of the features in the G710+ package, you are looking at the upper end of mechanical keyboards.


I can’t fault the Logitech G710+ after using it for a month. It’s solid, heavy and a dream to type on. The back-light and key etching is well implemented with convenient brightness controls on the keyboard itself. Logitech has done well with its first mechanical G-series keyboard and if this is anything to go by, the Logitech G-series refresh is indeed something to look forward to.

I wouldn’t call the G710+ “very quiet” – despite the efforts of the Logitech designers who have still acheived a good result. Like all mechanical keyboards, they are have a better tactile response than soft touch alternatives and will make more noise for those existing around you. That said, I have seen louder keyboards than this one in terms of key press noise so the implementation of Cherry Brown switches and the o-rings under the keys seems effective.

The aesthetic design will be a personal thing for most people – in my case, I like the angular sides and don’t mind the orange border surrounding the macro keys. The back-light and key etching is clear and easily adjustable. The ergonomics and palm rest were perfect for me, remaining comfortable for long periods of use. I also really like the tactile response of the Cherry Brown switches, so from a practical and ‘usability’ point of view, I found reviewing the Logitech G710+ keyboard to be a fun and comfortable experience.

Verdict: If you are in the market for a mechanical keyboard, add the Logitech G710+ to your short list.


  • Solid construction and build quality
  • Comfortable to use. The key spacing/palm rest ergonomics are spot on
  • Macro keys are easy to use
  • The desktop footprint is a good balance and it doesn’t take over your desk like the original G15 (blue version)
  • The back-light settings / inclusion of zones works well
  • Key etching is easy to read
  • ‘O’-rings are included and pre-fitted


  • The USB port won’t power a portable hard drive like the WD Passport drive
  • Fully featured comes at a price – but you get what you pay for









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