Corsair H100 Reviewed

Thermal Results

The temperatures under stock conditions were great – expand using the results for stock H100
Temperatures with a mild and moderate overclock were also good. We considered our 4.7 GHz overclock very viable – to the point where we probably could have pushed it harder but we’re gamers, not mad overclockers.

The thermal tests show that this cooler is matched well to Intel’s new Ivy Bridge CPUs with their ‘interesting’ heat properties when overclocked.


DELTA Temperature Graphs



Acoustic Results

The H100 comes with a pair of Corsair branded 120mm fans and when running on high rpm, they are loud – no doubt about it. On low and medium settings, the fans are audible but not offensive. The performance difference between medium and high wasn’t much but the noise level difference was noticeable. I would run the H100 on Medium settings unless I really needed “high” to handle an overclock.

It will be interesting to see if corsair re-package their H100 with some of their new Static Pressure fans in the future.


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