Noctua NF-F12 Reviewed – Part II

Temperature Recording

When determining the CPU/Core temperature to reference, we recorded readings for all of the 4 cores but took an average for comparison.
Idle Temperatures

Idle Temperatures

The idle temperatures are the readings just before we started the Prime95 torture test. We did not record idle temperatures for the overclocked configurations because the overclock and volts don’t kick in until the CPU is under load and the idle settings were all within a standard margin of error to the stock setting results.

Load Temperatures

An average maximum temperature is attained after 30 mins of the Prime 95 torture test. Temperatures were recorded using Core Temp, the system was left idle for at least 30 minutes between test cycles. The CPU voltage and speeds were checked before during and after each test using CPU-Z. 


As per our usual thermal testing, we are gamers – not hardcore overclockers. In this case, we went with a mild overclock on our i7-3770K in the order of 4.3GHz at 1.22v and a moderate overclock of 4.7GHz at 1.29v. We could have pushed it further but we wanted a stable overclock for our testing. 

Delta Temperature Differences

These results show the differences in the delta (core temperature – ambient room temperature) for the tests we conducted.  


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